Be Still

In the past couple days, when I’ve been able to find some quiet, I’ve been hearing/feeling God speak to me more clearly. I feel as if He’s trying to show me the bigger picture in this tremendous loss... the beauty in the mess. So I’ve been leaning into it more— facing my fears of what it actually looks like to view it directly. The message I keep hearing goes something like this :

“BE STILL. Know that God is God & that I don't have to strive.
BE STILL, & hear the whispers.
BE STILL, & know that He is guiding you... you just have to ALLOW it.”

So I’m sharing today in case your heart is in need of these words, as well. As we enter a brand new year, full of hope, energy & motivation, sometimes what we actually need to be able to pursue our goals & dreams is the ability to pause & allow ourselves to be guided to them.

So much love, friends.


PS. I was gifted this beautiful piece by one of my dearest friends... it's hard to even showcase how special it is through a photograph because the image literally comes to life in this little glass 'box'. It feels like I can almost relive that moment every time I look at it. Thank you, again, Michie!

If you are looking to create something like this for yourself or a loved one, here is the link! xx
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