New Website : Make.up & Headshots

Jan 30, 2014 Portrait, Make.up, Angela
happy Thursday!

with the launch of the new website last week,
i just wanted to take a moment to give
major PROPS & credit & THANKS
to the ever-so-awesome
for not only doing my make-up,
but ALSO taking the pics for my updated headshots for the
brand NEW website!

being a make-up artist myself... i have to say,
it was
to have someone as talented as Ang do my make-up.
i literally felt like a movie star!

below are some of the pics & make-up close-ups...
EYE see you
all smiles!
check out that range of color! LOVE.
last but not least, THIS is how i felt on the inside OUT,
thanks to Ang!
if you are in need of a make-up artist who gets YOU,
knows what they are doing,
goes above & beyond,
all the while making you look flawless & feel natural,
look no further --
Angela is your girl!

feel free to

Ang, i love you.
thank YU again.

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