Emma & Wes

Sep 23, 2016 Portrait, Engagement
Emma & Wes have a special connection -- a love that is playful, strong & true.

It was a great honor to capture their engagement session & to be able to show them what their bond & LOVE looks like! Below are some of my top favorites from our evening, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even MORE photographs.

Emma & Wes,,, may these moments put the BIGGEST smiles upon your faces for many, many years to come. You two were SO much fun to be around & to get to know better -- I am so happy for you both! May you enjoy every second of the incredibly special time that is... being engaged!!! with great heart & gratitude, always, Ksen

love is...
I'm not sure if they could be ANY more gorgeous?!!!
superHEART this series...
May the base of your love always be rooted & strong.
And as if they weren't more meant to be...
both are a part of the Army, too.
Thank you for serving our country!!!
A little stroll & some sweet kisses are a perfect way to end a good night.
Can't you just FEEL their connection?!
Absolutely LOVE everything about this!
the stunning Emma & Wes!
>> L O V E <<
There is a movement to this one that makes my heart smile
....aaaand we ended on this fun, free note!
Emma & Wes,
may ALL the days of your life together be FULL of bliss, smiles, JOY & sweet kisses just because!
{ The song chosen is their favorite! }

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