Tiz & Andy

Mar 15, 2012 Portrait, Engagement, Make.up
remember these two cuties from their sneak peek? well it is finally time to share our afternoon of fun with you all!

we ventured into good ol' Eastern Market in the "D" for an afternoon of smiles, laughter and love. duh! of course.

i first met Tiz and Andy at Abbie & Will's wedding and to be perfectly honest, there was an instant comfort that felt almost as if i had known them both for years.
needless to say, i was absolutely ecstatic when Abbie & Will gifted them an engagement session. talk about ah!mazing friends & downright AMAZINGNESS!!!

Tiz & Andy are outgoing & full of life. they have a love & connection that they are not shy to share & which i absolutely love about them! it is beautiful to be around & most definitely, to capture through my lens.

on top of all this, i also had the great pleasure to do Tiz's make-up for their session. below are some of my top faves from our afternoon, however be sure to also check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more photographs!

Tiz & Andy,,, you guys seriously ROCK! thank you for totally trusting me to do my thing & produce art through your tremendous LOVE. i hope these images put a smile to your heart as they have for me. with SO much heart & gratitude, always, ksen

a big THANK YOU again to the awesome Supino's Pizzeria for allowing us to hang out a bit inside & keep warm!
(& if you haven't read my recent wednesday whimsy post, you MUST do yourself a favor and get some Supino's STAT !)
RAWRRRRR ! some serious stunningness going on.
& yes, stunningness is a now a word.
there is just something about this image...
pure bliss.
{HEART} this :
and this entire series!
top TOP fave, hands down. i call it 'happy sqooosh smoosh'
can't you just FEEL their love?!!!
'spice company anyone?!'
and who ends their engagement session like this?!
oh that would be Tiz & Andy. because, well, that's just how they roll.
*** CLICK HERE!!! ***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their engagement session!
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