Jenny & Kris // Engagement

May 22, 2011 Portrait, Engagement
meet Jenny & Kris.
Jenny & Kris are RAD.
they are also troopers who stuck it out even when the weather didn’t want to fully cooperate.
however, as you will see below, their love & playfullness shines through anything.

below are some sweet moments captured of the afternoon we spent in Ferndale… but more importantly,
of a particulary awesome couple VERY much in love who know not only how to make each other laugh, but have you join in on their fun, too.

check out my top faves below & see even more in the slideshow posted at the end of this post!

Jenny & Kris,,, i am SO excited to share these images with you guys! i can't thank you both enough for being so open to me & my camera.... your personalities individually & together really shine throughout. i feel so lucky to have connected with you both & am beyond excited for the BIG day in August as you become Mr. & Mrs. D'Anna!
with great heart & gratitude always, ksen

can you find Jenny & Kris?
jenny + kris =
love is...
. happiness .
love, love LOVE
seriously you two,,, talk about STUNNING!
{HEART} this !
we stopped into the awesome The Emory...
i super love the series below :
can't you just feel their LOVE ?
love is : tight squeezed happy smiles
i ADORE this series :
another top fave hands down :
there's just something about this image that is SO jenny & kris :
...aaaand we ended the sesh by this ginormous piece of 'art' -- a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a huge cracker & napkin. it was Kris's idea (who also happens to LOVE soup which i thought was perfect!) & Jenny was a great sport about it.
of course, we had to have a little fun with it :
their laughter is truly contagious!
happiness is...
***CLICK HERE!!!***
to view the slide show & see more photographs!
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