Wednesday's Whimsy : Jess & Kevin

hey all! happy wednesday whimsy.

considering it's literally 0 degrees here in good ol' Michigan, i thought it would be nice to warm us up a little with a few pics from our great friend's wedding from this past August. yep, remember how i said i was still catching up on my own life events? this is certainly one of them that i have been so eager to share!

there will never be the proper words to describe HOW happy & excited i was when i heard that Jess & Kevin got engaged. these two are such incredible people, truly beautiful on the inside out, who deserve nothing but the BEST. i am so happy they found each other!

although i was a guest at their wedding so i could fully enjoy every ounce of it, i couldn't not snap at least a few pics for my own heart to theirs. not only have i known Jessica since we were children, but Jessica's family also grew up with my husband Mark's family -- her mother & my mother-in-law, Kitty, have been friends since childhood! talk about a SMALL WORLD, right?!

so without further ado, below are a few pics that i captured from their wedding day. my dear friends, Jen & Gabe of Hillebrand Photography were the official photographers of their special day & did an amazing job -- click here to see their pics!

the uber talented Angela did the make-up that day, as well... as you will easily be able to tell because everyone looked incredible!

it was one of those perfectly warm, summer days. a great day to have a wedding!
my beautiful mother-in-law Kitty, with TL Ceremonies, also had the honor to officiate the ceremony!
sealed with a kiss
h a p p i n e s s.
can't you just feel that warm summer sky?
Kitty with her boys! love LOVE my family.
another super fun part of being a guest -- you get to enjoy your date AND take pics with each other! #awesome
Mark & i on the left with my gorgeous sister & brother-in-law on the right
these two
the reception took place at Cliff Bell's...
no words further needed except SO FRIGGIN' COOL!
hands down, a serious top fave from the entire day.
love everything about this moment.
officially introduced as husband & wife
by the ever-so-awesome Music Box!!!
Detroit city lights + married smiles = pure bliss
have i mentioned how ridiculously good looking these two are?!!!
their first dance.
love love love.
another superFAVE.
last but not least, i'll end on this smiley note!
Jess & Kevin, love you both so much.
may all your years together as one be filled with the greatest of adventures and only the BIGGEST of smiles.
with love & light & gratitude,

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