Wednesday's Whimsy : Pri & Rodney

Aug 21, 2013 Wednesday's Whimsy, Wedding
happy wednesday and wednesday whimsy!

we all know time flies, & the to-do list never ends, & there is literally never enough time in the day...right?

we all know this... yet, why is it so hard to not constantly put pressure on getting it all done?

maybe i speak for myself with this, or maybe not? regardless, this summer has been a major cleanse in A LOT of ways. it is refreshing, transitioning & beautiful all the while filled with a sense of trust & grace.

as a photographer, i struggle to find time to edit my own photographs -- they tend to sit in my harddrive for, days, months.... years. yes, years. so with this 'cleansing' i have decided it is time to start editing & sharing more of my 'personal' work.

today i start with my dear friends Priyanka & Rodney.

i was a guest at their wedding so that i could fully soak all of it in & dance the night away! it was a weekend full of celebrations, laughter, henna, color, family, friends & most of all LOVE.

below are a few of my faves that i was able to capture from the sidelines.... & of course a slideshow with even more images at the end of this post!

Pri & Rodney,,, it has been so cool reliving this special time... i wish we could do it all over again! SO MUCH FUN! thank you for being such great friends -- we miss you guys & hope to see your gorgeous faces SOON. with love & gratitude, ksen

isn't Pri just B E A U T I F U L?
Pri & her sweet father
i couldn't get enough of the henna art!!! LOVE.
Pri & Rodney
Rodney waiting for his bride
love this.
aren't they cute?!!
absolutely adore this image...
Pri with her Mom & Dad walking her down the aisle for the second part of the ceremony.
...and into the reception we go!
some truly incredible speeches!
their first dance as husband & wife
top favorite, hands down.
their family is a quiet bunch
mother/son & father/daughter dance
our friends are cute & fun.
love them!
it was a night filled with hugs, dancing...
and LOVE!
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their wedding weekend!


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