22 Day Reset : Day 15

Mar 15, 2021 Wellness, Motherhood, Fitness

“Your health will only take you as far as your thoughts allow it to.” — Angi Fletcher

Now isn’t that the truth?!! #youcansaythatagain
Happy Monday folks! The sun is shining, spring is so near... & it’s a good day to have a GOOD day, so let’s do just that!

If you’ve been following the #22DAYRESET here’s DAY 15! Let’s do this.

DAY 15

*MIND >> Put your phone down. Take more pauses from social media today. Allow your mind to be present in what matters most.

*BODY >> Move your body today & make time to get whatever your favorite exercise is in! #nevermissamonday because it really sets off your week for a great one.

*SPIRIT >> Reflect on all the things you are grateful for. Just let the ‘thankful list’ flow from you. You can do this intentionally or even just while driving. Be sure to fill your heart (& thoughts ) with thanks today.

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