Believe Trust Hope

Mar 8, 2021 Wellness, Faith, Motherhood, Fitness
Can you keep a promise to yourself when it gets uncomfortable? The truth is, true change requires you making YOU a priority. Change requires discipline & consistency, BUT keep in mind it doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Start small to grow big.

Lately these three words have been on my heart:


They can be applied to so many things in life & if you do so, they are sure to add some sunshine to your heart.
Believe in yourself, trust the process, & never lose sight of hope.You CAN do hard things, & the very first step is to really commit to not breaking the promises you make to yourself.
Happy Monday.


Let's take everything we set into place from last week & REALLY commit to it this week!

*MIND >> Create a mantra for yourself ( a few examples would be : I AM BRAVE / I AM STRONG / I CAN DO HARD THINGS / I BELIEVE IN MYSELF / I AM LOVE / I AM ENOUGH.) & write it somewhere where you can see it daily!

*BODY >> Make time today to fit in a good workout that gets your heart beating! #nevermissaMonday

*SPIRIT >> Think of someone you know who could use some extra love & light today... say a little prayer and send it their way.

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