Mind Body Spirit : 22 Day Reset

Mar 1, 2021 Wellness, Motherhood, Fitness

If you missed it on my stories, I decided I needed to do a little reset for myself & asked to see if anyone would like to join me, and so here we are. DAY 1 on a brand new month that will lead us into SPRING (f i n a l l y). I'm so ready!

So here's a quick snapshot of how it's gonna go :

Every day I will post a few key things for you to do and/or think about (main post on Monday's to set the tone for the week & the rest daily on my IG stories). I will keep it centered around your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT (I feel that in order to truly feel our best, these 3 need to be intertwined).

I want this reset to be something that anyone can do, feel good doing & not overwhelming.

You still with me? Fantastic!

Here's DAY ONE :

*MIND >> Write down your WHY?
Why do you want to do a reset and feel better? Write down whatever comes to you & place it somewhere where you can see it daily.

*BODY >> Drink half your body weight in water (in ounces) today.
I am sure I am not the first person to tell you this, nor will I be the last, but water is one of the EASIEST things to incorporate daily for better health (& yet we do not drink nearly as much as we think we do).

Here are a few quick benefits from increasing your water intake:
Increases Energy & Relieves Fatigue.
Helps you think, focus & concentrate better.
Flushes Out Toxins.
Helps with Weight Loss.
Improves Skin Complexion.
Maintains Regularity.

*SPIRIT >> Make some quiet time to write down or say out loud 3 things you are grateful for.
Gratitude can change your life because it makes you appreciate what you have, rather than what you don't have. It is the single most powerful source of inspiration that any person can tap into at any given moment. Don't dismiss this as unnecessary because these couple of minutes can be a game changer to your day.

If you are doing the reset, as well, welcome & AWESOME! Now let’s have some fun. Use the hashtag #22DAYRESET so we can easily connect & follow along, too.

Have a beautiful day,

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