The Power To Choose

May 19, 2021 Motherhood, Must Haves
hey! Just wanted to pop on today to tell you guys about two of our kiddos MOST favorite books -- "What Should Danny Do?" & "What Should Darla Do?"

In the books, individually Danny & Darla (who also happen to be cousins) run into a lot of common situations where they are faced with a decision on what to do next -- should they make a 'power choice' or a 'poor choice'? At that certain page, your child gets to choose which choice they should make & then in turn, gets to see what happens once that choice is made. It’s such a great way to remind our children that they get the power to choose daily.

The books actually have many stories within & are always a learning adventure to read! As a parent, I feel they are an extra win because we have easily applied them to our daily life -- we use the term 'power choice' A LOT , as well as ask the kids, "what would Danny/Darla do?" when they are faced with making decisions. Another bonus is that we have literally had these books for years & our kiddos (4 & 6 years old) STILL ask to read them weekly.

Anywho, thought to share if you are on the lookout for something new & helpful! What are your family's go-to book(s) these days?! Comment below! My bookworm family is always up for new books to enjoy.

PS. I placed both books in my Amazon Faves .
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