Emf Protection : Somavedic

I have been wanting to share about this beauty for a while now! Somavedic is a device that can reliably mitigate the unwanted effects of EMF radiation. The Somavedic Medic models are successfully used in office spaces, therapeutic centers, clinics, and homes - anywhere there’s a need to harmonize the space more intensively. They create a cohesive field in the form of a bubble with a 100 foot radius in all directions, penetrating walls and floors.

Their beautiful devices also create positive effects on cardiovascular and the nervous system, as well as improve heart rate variability, circulation & internal balance.
The one that we own is the Medic Green Ultra, which happens to be their bestseller. It's a great choice for really any place that needs to harmonize its space & at the same time, structure water (which I personally think is such an added bonus). Structuring water makes it "alive" or so to speak -- the most bio-available state of water.
From the way they are each carefully handmade to the exact science of how they work, feel free to get lost in their website full of great information.

If you are ready to invest in it, grab that 10% OFF with my code : KSEN10 !

When it comes to protecting my family from EMF and the damage that it causes, the Somavedic is one of the major tools that we use in our home. While I certainly do not have all the answers (and of course encourage you to always do your research), I do want to share when I have personally used something that I really love in hopes that it helps!

Good health is our biggest wealth.
So much love,
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