Rothys // Best Shoes Ever!

"Bloom where you are planted." wearing super comfy AND cute shoes certainly doesn't hurt this process.

Personally I’m still loooving my Rothy's & am excited to see all the new products this wonderful company is coming up with (especially the recent top knot sandals)! #SOcute

Friends, these shoes are REALLY as great as people say they are. I wear them for everyday purposes, both casual or dressy (which it’s clearly been ALL casual lately) & for work when I am shooting (which, as a photographer, says A LOT!!). They are insanely comfortable, stylish & environmentally friendly, plus you can WASH them! Let me say that again -- you can W A S H them! #totalwinwin

If you want $20 OFF your next pair, use : this COUPON!
PS. As a reminder for those who are also "blessed" with bunions like myself, it is recommended to size UP at least a half size for the pointed toe style (like mine pictured).

PSS. These are clearly an investment, but to me, if it’s a shoe that I’m going to wear A TON, be able to wash effortlessly, looks good PLUS feels great -- then it’s beyond worth it. I also love knowing that I am investing into a company that is doing something towards making a positive impact in our environment.

Lots of love, friends!

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