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Apr 15, 2020 Motherhood, Must Haves, Personal
Somehow, our baby girl was ready for her big girl bed -- as much as I wanted to keep her in crib & try to be in denial of this, the time had come that it was obvious she was SO ready. #imnotcryingyourecrying

It's super important to me that our mattresses & pillows are made out of natural materials, free from synthetics, chemicals AND also comfortable. If you’re in the market for one or both of these, I honestly can't recommend Joybed more! We were blessed to partner with them & the entire experience from start to finish was not only enjoyable, but also incredibly easy & efficient. On top of that, their sustainable, eco-friendly mattresses are made in the USA (Grand Rapids, Michigan to be exact) with jacquard organic cotton covers, responsibly farmed wool & breathable cotton. I loved that they have lots of mattress options to choose from, including vegan ones and that your mattress comes with a 10 year warranty.

You can also pick the support you want from firm to plush, then order online and have it shipped right to your door! If you feel nervous about ordering a mattress online without trying it out first, worry no more because Joybed has you covered! You can literally purchase a mattress, try it out in your home with their 120 Night Trial and if for any reason you change your mind, they'll give you a FULL refund.

We chose the Joybed LXP (which is their softest luxury mattress) for our daughter, along with their comfy MyWooly Pillow. I loved that it was so convenient to be able to purchase both the mattress and the pillow from a trusted & safe company. They actually have quite a lot of accessories to choose from which is such an added bonus. #onestopshop

It's kind of crazy to think about it, but one third of our life is spent sleeping! This is just another reason why I feel it's so important to get a good nights sleep on a great mattress for everyone in the family, especially for our littles. I feel so much peace knowing that we are not breathing in any off gassing chemicals -- a typical mattress could contain many different materials that off-gas such as polyurethane, formaldehyde, benzene, etc as well as chemical flame retardants which have been linked to serious health issues.

I think it's pretty safe to say we made an awesome choice with choosing Joybed and will be enjoying this mattress & pillow for years to come. Thank you, again, Joybed for making such incredible products!

Below is a little photo documentary of the start to finish big girl bed journey for our baby girl. Hope you enjoy!
Much love,


>> Disclosure: this post was made possible by Joybed, but all opinions expressed are my honest & true opinions.
The kiddos, SUPER excited for her big girl bed! #finalcribdanceparty
We couldn't believe how quickly it arrived and were really surprised that it was compressed into an efficient, tight little box!
It was SO easy to transport to her bedroom...
...and everyone had a BLAST watching the mattress open fully after we unsealed it! The kids thought it was pure MAGIC.
This was taken literally seconds after! They could NOT wait to get on it.
I have to say, both my husband & I cannot believe HOW comfortable it is, as well.
We all love relaxing on it, reading books, snuggling... it's been our entire family's go-to spot ever since it was opened.
Opening up her pillow & of course, testing it out with her big brother.
No words necessary.
I think it's pretty safe to say, she was smitten from the start.
Then the bed frame from Pottery Barn Kids arrived & we were able to put it all together!
And it's all done! She can't stop talking about how much she LOOOOVES her "pretty big girl bed".
My father would have loved every second of this big milestone for her...
so I personally love that he is "watching" over her bed in this way, too.
This smile says it all!
Thank you so much, Joybed.
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