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It's a new year and, now that the holidays are behind us, I am FINALLY feeling like I can catch my breath a bit (well as much as one can when they are almost 32 weeks pregnant ).

With that said, I am excited to get back to blogging about things that I am not only passionate about, but ALSO help me out tremendously as a parent.

So first things first,
since it's been a little while since my last Essential Oils post,
let's start there, shall we & chat Essential Oils Resources.
>> insert HIGH FIVE emoji <<

Below are my TOP 3!
1 // I HIGHLY recommend the 7th Edition Essential Oils Pocket Reference Book.
There is SO MUCH info in this "pocket reference" that the name is almost a little comical.
This is great for those of us who are a little 'old school' like me & love to hold and leaf through a book in hand.

2 // On that same note, though, the modern day Mama in me absolutely LOVES this app on my iPhone for an easy quick reference :
Ref Guide 4 EO App .
I use this ALL OF THE TIME.
...& yes, it's $6.99 -- BUT in my opinion, worth every penny! #truly
3 // Lastly, Gentle Babies is another FAVE book for any parent and/or expecting mama's to be --
SUPER easy read & packed with great info that makes you feel good & confident about your choices.
Whether you are just starting out or have been swimming in essential oils for a while now,
I hope this post is helpful to you!

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I would love it!

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So excited to be on this journey with you.
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