My Ease My Mind Travel Go-to's

When traveling, I like to pack some what I like to call my "EASE MY MIND" go-to's to have on hand just in case something comes up & we need them. I gather them all & then place in a cute travel bag for ease knowing they are all in one spot. This travel bag always comes with me in my carry on, too.

Keep in mind, I didn't buy these all at once! Buy as you need & remember, you are building an essential go-to kit that will come in handy many times throughout the year (ESPECIALLY when traveling). Below are some of my absolute must haves & a brief description as to why :
Leefy Prana : a powerful organic elixir that helps with inflammation, pain, poor digestion, improves brain function, benefits heart health, combats congestion, along with many other ailments. And due to its liquid form, the absorption is more immediate as it begins in the mouth. ( >> code KSEN15 for 15% of your order)

Leefy Immunity : Help support a healthy immune system response, antioxidant levels, healthy respiratory system & cardiovascular system with this powerful and unique superfood formula. Each of these ingredients on their own are immune system powerhouses and combined they have a synergistic benefit. ( >> code KSEN15 for 15% of your order)

ION Gut Health: Soil derived microbiome support, ION* Gut Support goes beyond probiotics, wanting not to add, but to defend you from environmental toxins, spark cellular connection and build foundational gut health -- from your gut to skin to sinuses! It packs a powerful punch in a small amount & helps improve digestion, mental clarity, immune function & mood.

Millennium Colloidal Silver Spray : this highly Refined Colloidal Silver is Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal. I love that it is also safe to be sprayed into the eyes in case anything arises from a stye to pink eye!

Zorex Complete Kare Spray: one spray of this contains colloidal silver (99.9% pure), emulsified vitamin D3, Iodine, Boron & Zinc. This mighty 'little' spray helps keep immune systems healthy, protects against bacteria & viruses, as well as help heal cuts, scrapes or skin conditions like eczema. I spray this daily in our mouths!

Beekeepers Immune Support Throat Spray: Naturally rich in antioxidants and over 300 beneficial compounds -- BENEFITS: Immune Support & Scratchy Throat Relief.

ION Sinus Support : a non-habit forming and all natural nasal spray, facilitating the innate connection between you and your microbiome. It helps to soothe & protect your nasal passages while also allowing you to breathe clearly and maintain natural hydration.

Cofix Nasal Spray: boosts the body’s own immune system and helps protect the body from germs and pathogens.

Bioplasma Cell Salts: provide daily supply of each cell salt to bring balance to overall cell function. They also naturally relieve symptoms of colds, simple nervous tension, fatigue & headaches.

Nenninger Triple Allergy Defense : Natural allergy medicine for pollen, mold, dander and dust.

Nenniger Triple Flu Defense helps protect from seasonal viruses, respiratory & stomach flu. This is natural immune defense reformulated each year to best fight current strains.

Nenniger Bites Stings Ticks : First-aid medicine for rapid recovery from bites, stings and ticks. Provides fast relief from itching, swelling and pain from everyday pests.

NutriBiotic Citricidal Ear Drops: these help support a healthy ear canal with just one drop in each ear!

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops : these eye drops provide relief from allergy symptoms. Homeopathic ingredients stimulate the body's natural defenses instead of masking the symptoms.

Young Living Tummygize Roll On: is a soothing blend with a relaxing aroma that is great to use when your little one has feelings of tummy discomfort.

Young Living Sniffleease Roll On: When sniffles and stuffiness arise, this gentle blend applied to the sides of the throat & chest helps so much!

Young Living Thieves Roll On: is a legendary blend of purifying essential oils & is prediluted for topical application. This is a great daily immune booster!

Young Living Tranquil Roll On: a soothing aroma that helps create a calming, serene & peaceful experience. I like applying this if having trouble sleeping, as well.

Boiron Arnica Montana: This homeopathic medicine helps temporarily relieve muscle pain & stiffness due to minor injuries, overexertion & falls. Also great for pain, swelling, & discoloration from bruises.

Boiron Belladonna : This homeopathic medicine helps temporarily relieve fevers.

Boiron Sambucus Nigra: Made with plant-based homeopathic Elderberry, Boiron Sambucus provides cough and cold relief, targeting the symptoms of a painful cough, hoarseness, and nasal congestion

Boiron Histaminum Hydrochloricum : Non-drowsy Homeopathic medicine that relieves Allergy symptoms.

Boiron Drosera : This homeopathic medicine helps relieve coughs.

Boiron Nux Vomica : This homeopathic medicine helps relieve upset stomach, nausea, and overindulgence of food or drink.

Earthley Black Drawing Salve Stick : this is the perfect solution for splinters, rashes, bug bites, acne and other problems you’d like to draw out of the skin. Safe for ages 6 months+, it’s a must-have for the whole family!
DISCLAIMER : Please note, I am not taking the place of your licensed medical professional, I do not diagnose and do not take responsibility for your health. I encourage you to do your research & seek out conversations with medical professionals that you trust and love. I cannot promise you any certain results, but I can tell you that I only speak what is upon my heart & from my own personal experience.
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