Love Is All You Need

In 1967 the Beatles wrote the song, "All You Need is Love." Nine months later, Martin Luther King Jr. was tragically assassinated. Although there is no correlation to this tragedy, I still believe that all we need is love.

MLK Jr. always bravely spoke his heart. This quote from him really stood out to me this week.
How true is it? In the same breath, it's sad that we are currently living in a world where there is SO much discrimination, segregation & hate like never before. It seems we either speak in hurtful ways, or are afraid to speak at all.

On MLK day, I noticed some sharing his quotes, others saying how we shouldn't share his quotes, some on how he was not liked for his beliefs, and many not sharing anything at all. What stood out to me most was that it felt like having your own opinion was not allowed, and dare I even say, shamed for?

I don't know how you feel when you think of MLK Jr, BUT I do know that you are welcome to your own feelings. The more we try to control each others beliefs & lives, the more we will grow angry & weary. It's certainly not a healthy way to LIVE. It's sad to me how we have allowed hatred & division to continue. Isn't it obvious by now that genuine LOVE is the answer?

Given the current climate of people canceling each other for speaking their heart, it's all the more reason we should be celebrating a man who did this at a time where it was SO difficult & suffered for it. BUT, he did it because it was the right thing to do & that's exactly what he would want us to do now. We should never be complacent to live in a society where people aren't allowed to speak their own truth in a loving way.

John Lennon commented that when he wrote the song, "All You Need Is Love", he was aware how music & words were powerful on the masses & had hopes that it would become an anthem for the people. Wherever this post finds you today, I encourage you to listen to this song & speak life into the things you are passionate about.

You may not be able to be silent about certain topics, however you CAN definitely deliver your thoughts in loving ways, just as the great MLK Jr did. Love thy neighbor. Love yourself. Just, LOVE.
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