Wednesday's Whimsy : It's All Good

May 29, 2013 Wednesday's Whimsy
do you believe that 'you are what you eat?'...

well i do. & don't get me wrong, i know that there are a TON of other factors that play a role into sickness & health, but in general, i believe that what we fuel ourselves with plays a TREMENDOUS role in how we feel overall.

unfortunately, these days it seems to be far too easy to eat quickly & not 'think' so much about what we are choosing to put into our system & literally run our 'engines'. on top of all this, there is the added problem of our foods being overly-processed & GMO-filled (insert big upside down face HERE ---> ).

i could go on & on about this, as nutrition is a passion of mine, but i will keep this post simple... because there really is no point at overwhelming anyone! truth is, it really starts with small, simple steps.

& for me, when i am feeling out of balance & needing to recharge, i do a detox of some sort.

yesterday i started day one of a detox & posted this photo on my Instagram. after that, i had some inquiries as to what the recipe of my shake was, as well as what the detox was exactly?

so first... yesterday's smoothie recipe was :
in general, you can add or subtract whatever you do or do not like to your smoothie, of course.
i didn't put exactly how much of everything i put in because
a) i didn't measure it (i never do) &
b) a little goes a long way so just add according to your preference.

also, side note : i am NOT a fan of coconut water by itself, however in a smoothie, it not only tastes so refreshing & great, but it is also SO GOOD FOR YOU.
it naturally wakes your entire body up!

the protein powder i used is from my doctor, Dr. Nicoloff & it supports balanced detoxification, along with being allergen free.
another 'secret' ingredient that i absolutely L O V E to add into my shakes is Trader Joe's Effervescent Vitamin C packets!!!
they not only add a great taste to your smoothie, but they are packed with vitamin C goodness. WIN WIN.
now on to the detox!

first, i would highly advise talking to your doctor before starting ANY detox! make sure it is the right move for you.

the detox i am doing can be done for 10 days or 28 days. i am choosing 28 days because i really want to reboot & renew.
so it goes something like this :
i am drinking TWO shakes a day with the specific protein powder i mentioned above
& following a specific diet plan with clean eating, organic & non-allergenic foods.

it is technically called an Allergy Elimination Diet.
i found a PDF version of the info i was given HERE...
of course, the info on this version is NOT my doctor's info.
you can find his info HERE!

in general, this isn't my first detox. last July i did Isagenix which i liked, but i also felt limited by not being able to really eat much & just drink the shakes. i am excited about this detox because i am literally going to be fueling my body with great, real nutrients & organic food. they are also very clear that you are NOT supposed to restrict your calories.

so as long as i am eating clean, drinking my two shakes, i'm good.

i will say this though -- if you decide that you are starting a detox (& your doctor approves), don't cheat.
not just for yourself, but for your overall results.... because you WILL feel & see a big difference.
i am actually a very healthy eater but even with that said, all the 'little' things that we allow throughout a period of time (that piece of pizza, or chocolate, or cookie, or chips, or whatever it may be!) can add up quickly within our gut.
for me, these 'little' things make me feel bloated & uncomfortable... even if they are not in big doses -- they are still there!

if you are needing some inspiration, i highly suggest you watch Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. seriously, EVERYONE should watch this.
and last, but certainly not least,
if you love health & good for you food that tastes good, too...
you must do yourself a favor & pick up a copy of Gwyneth Paltrow's new book,
It's All Good.

i happened to pick up my copy last week & ironically enough,
she too did the SAME detox (say what?!!!) which actually inspired her to create this book.
it was definitely perfect timing for her book to finally be in my hands...
not to mention that it makes me feel even more excited and confident to create some delicious food that still follows the plan!

because in the end, as long as i am trying to always be the best version of ME... it's all good, isn't it?!
happy wednesday whimsy!

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