Wednesday's Whimsy : Shake It Out

i don't know about you, but does time seem to be traveling at lightning-warp-speed more than usually lately?
i mean, how is it already February 20th?!!! seriously!

& then on top of it, as i am trying to actually slow down & just 'be', i feel as if the Universe is testing me more & more. i have been thinking a lot about what it actually means, to me, to 'slow down'. what does it mean to you?

as i have been prepping for the launch of the first posts for i want to know YOUR story (insert exclamation ---> SO excited! ), i can't help but be TREMENDOUSLY moved by everyone's story. i CANNOT WAIT to share & for you all to be inspired by these beautiful stories as i am.

then recently Kensington Community Church launched their new series, Journey Home ...which i thought couldn't have come at a better time with my recent start of my own journey within & my sabbatical research project. and with that start, a Sunday or so ago i attended one of Kensington's host meetings & they shared this INCREDIBLY impactful video below.

seeing that today is the middle of the week, i encourage you all to take about 4-ish minutes & check it out.
it is powerful and empowering.
i love this verse...
may we all take time today to remember the POWER of our words & actions...
& that it is never to late to 'shake it out', whatever it may be in your world.

that is is always 'darkest before the dawn',
NEVER too late to restart
& to start believing what we know in our heart is TRUE & TRUTH.

happy happy wednesday whimsy friends.
love & gratitude,

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