Wednesday's Whimsy : Beat Beat

it was a gorgeous Sunday morning... the kind that makes you want to
close your eyes, breathe in deep & smile BIG.
my boyfriend, Mark, & i were walking... (ahem) semi-sprinting into church so as not to be late
when he grabbed my hand & stopped me in mid-step to look up into the sky.

"look at that cloud,,, it looks like the wing of your logo," he said.

i looked up & felt the smile dash across my face. all of a sudden nothing else mattered except for that moment.
i snapped a photo of it with my iPhone... & the rest that was inspired from this 'wingcloud' came to me this way : we are all in the midst of feeling overwhelmed by what 'life' may be throwing at us today, tomorrow or the next day...
may this serve as a lil' sweet reminder of the beauty in taking the time to slllllow down & really take in the 'small' stuff.

you know, the stuff that make that heart of yours go beat, beat.

wishing you a most happy & truly beatbeatFULL "wednesday's whimsy" !


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