Wednesday's Whimsy : Daniel's Baptism

lately i have been thinking a lot about the miracles that happen daily,,, big or small.
they are all around us & when we allow ourselves to be open to witness them, our entire world becomes



recently i had the pleasure of witnessing my sweeeeeeeet nephew Daniel get baptized. it was a lovely afternoon, surrounded by great family & friends...
a day that i will forever cherish.

below are some of my favorite moments captured, along with a slideshow (with even more photos) at the end of the post! hope you enjoy.

...wishing you a miracle-filled week & of course,
a very happy "wednesday's whimsy" !


i was mesmerized watching Danny so attentively listen to the Priest,,,
not to mention just being mesmerized with him in general !
...and then he noticed me ! LOVE.
do you remember this cutie-patootie from a previous blog post ?!
seriously,,, how precious is my nephew???!
Danny with his Dad, Dante,,, there is something about this moment that i just really love:
surrounded with L O V E :
Danny with my Dad, his Dedo (yugoslavian for Grandpa) :
Danny with his Dedo & Baka (yugoslavian for Grandma) & his Mom (my sis) Olga :
my beautiful family :
Dante's gorgeous family :
Danny is infatuated with mouths... here he is infatuated with his Aunt Ciara. {HEART} this series :
Danny with his godparents... Marina & Brett :
and Danny with his godparents Uncle Davidde, & Katy :
and lastly, i will end on this note because this image expresses how my heart S M I L E S every . single . time i am around my nephew.
it is an indescribable love...
& i am forever grateFULL for all the endless blessings.
be sure to ***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slideshow & see MORE photographs!

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