Wednesday's.whimsy : Imagine

okay, so it isn't technically Wednesday.
but with it being the week after Labor Day, everything feels a bit shifted & today kinda feels like, well, Wednesday to me.
or maybe i am in denial that it is already almost Friday!
whatever it may be, i felt like sharing something with you that made the biggest difference to me when i first decided to take the jump & start .ksp..

a card.

yes, a card. as simple as that may be.
Ang gave me this card at a time i didn't even realize i needed it most.
a time when fear could have easily squashed my dreams, my passion. a time when even i wasn't sure i believed in me....
then i was handed this card :
...and i was reminded once again that that was the only way i could imagine myself 'living',,, 'being'.

this card has been in my vision ever since. whether i tacked it to the wall in front of my desk, or took it along with me on a journey or tucked away into my sketchbook for further inspiration,,,

isn't it simply amazing how much a gesture you may deem to be so small at the time can be SO BIG to the person receiving?!

so i ask you this today,

how do you imagine yourself?!
...are you living this way?

don't let anyTHIING stop you from doing what you imagine yourself doing. especially,,, your own mind!!!
there is no better time than right NOW.

happy "wednesday's whimsy",,, on a Thursday !
with love & smiles, ksen
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