Wednesday's.whimsy : Heroes

i walked into Ang's living room & noticed the face of a cutie-patootie pup on her TV screen.
'come here,' she said with great excitement, 'i paused this & wanted to show it to you.'
we both stood there in silence & watched this simple, sweet & incredible commercial.

and just like that,
my heart was tugged a little more
& reminded, yet again,
how powerful a voice, your voice, & love can be.

on this most gorgeous Wednesday, i hope it does the same for you :

interested in more information about the commercial above? simply CLICK HERE!

thinking about adopting? there is no better time then the present!
there are so many wonderful local organizations, but if you are looking for something happening locally,
be sure to check out the adoption drive this weekend at the Detroit Zoo!
CLICK HERE for more info!
lastly, i want to leave you with this,,,
my message from the Universe today read :

If everyone really knew how much they were loved,
not only from "above,"
but by everyone now in their life,
there'd be little hearts drawn on everything from wheelbarrows to skyscrapers to jumbo jets.

And I so look forward to that day.

Big heart,
The Universe

here's to US being the ones that 'draw' little & BIG hearts wherever we go, with & upon whomever we meet.

...and with that, i came across this cute pic of Jones (on day two after i adopted him) that i found quite appropriate with the message above!
happy "wednesday's whimsy" to you!
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