Wednesday's.whimsy : Andrea.&.reilly

it was late on their wedding night as i asked one of my dearest friends, Reilly, to show me his wedding ring.

he lifted it proudly with the biggest grin & asked ,

"is this for a "wednesday's whimsy" Ksen?!"

we both laughed & now looking back, i can't help but think how in life you never know what special 'little' moments you will remember.

that moment, i will never forget,,, or the photo below that i took immediately after it :
nor will i ever forget the endless boyish smile permanently fixed on Ry's face as he married his
best friend,
& most radiant,
beautyFULL bride,

my heart was SO full that day, as it is when i look through the images of their love below. Robert Bruce, my great & talented friend, covered their special day,,, however, of course, i had to capture it through the eyes of a guest, as well.

Andrea & Ry, i just adore you both!!! your love is inspirational & vibrational (ha! not meaning to rhyme, but i kinda like it ! ). thank you for allowing me to experience & capture, in my own way, one of the most important days of your life together. i love you both & wish you a love and life together with endless smiles as on your wedding day. with great heart. love & gratitude always, ksen

first up,,, an image i {heart} so...
right before she walked down the aisle :
Ry looked so proud :
Andrea was just glowing that day :
their awesome bridal party !
the new mr. & mrs. !!!
it was a perfect Michigan day in the D :
love this :
a top fave from the day :
their decor was so elegant, loved it !
introducing,,, :
during the awesome toasts :
their first dance as husband & wife :
our good friend Pri,,, always making me laugh :
father/daughter :
mother/son :
...the celebration continued on wayyyy into the night!
and yes,,, they know how to party with great style :
***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slide show & see more photographs from their wedding day.
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