Wednesday's Whimsy : Perception

minus the cold weather & my birthday, i could have easily mistakened the month of January for June or July. i have also pretty much come to the conclusion that no matter how old i get & how much i strive to achieve the 'perfect' balance in my life,,, i will always be wondering where the time went & if things will ever slow down, just a tad. definitely NOT complaining at all,,, just sayin'.

i am also getting better at understanding that if i want time to slow down, i have to be the one who makes that happen. a very hard concept to wrap my work-aholic brain around. however, i am trying inch by inch, so i give myself an 'A' for 'acceptable effort'. ha!

needless to say, my lil ol' blog here has been a wee bit neglected. which in turn means that my creative self & mind feel like they might just explode if at least a few of the things that i have been wanting to share are not posted soooon.

instead of feeling overwhelmed at the thought of 'where to start?'... this little diddy below came to mind on my walk with Jones-ers today. one of my bestest friends, Jac, sent me this months ago because she thought i would enjoy it -- and enjoy it, i did! if you have a few minutes & want a little smile to curl up onto your face,,, i suggest you read below!
...and with that, i leave you this image of one of my favorite places in the world,,, Firenze, taken from my recent travels for Ciao Andiamo. when i look at this image, it takes me to a time many moons ago where i really began to learn & understand the importance of the beauty that is naturally all around us. be it in nature, people, buildings, animals, sounds, smells.... truly, everywhere we are, everywhere we look, there is something to be discovered, something to be enjoyed, something to be lived.
wishing you a happy, 'priority-filled' "wednesday's whimsy".


...for more information on the uber talented Joshua Bell,,, check out his website here!
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