Wednesday's Whimsy : A Photostory

i came home tonight after another nonstop day to find that my sweet Jones put together a little photostory of his day... i am truly the luckiest mama.
please note :
*no animals were harmed in the making of this photostory... with the exception of Reindi. he definitely took one for the team.

*Jones is such a big boy that he didn't quite fit into his holiday outfit. however, he is SO incredibly handsome that he still managed to look cute. of course.

*Jones has often been mistakened for a 'reindeer piglet'... i was told that he is 'part short haired collie, part golden retriever'. your guess is as good as mine. personally,,, i think he is 'part angel, part sweetheart cutiepants, 100% pureLOVE.'
...and yes, i may be a teeny bit biased.

happpppppppppy"wednesday's whimsy".

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