"PASSION: There are some things in life that catch your eye,
and then, there are those that capture your heart. Pursue those. "~Mary Grace

the quote above has always had a special place in my heart & life. so it is no wonder to me that as i began to write this post, it immediately came to mind. i couldn't not type it... even though i had used it once before on a previous blog post. ironically enough, both posts are driven by the same cause -- ADOPT MORE!

those who follow the blog have definitely heard about the ksp art show benefiting ADOPT MORE. with the excitement of upcoming travels to Ethiopia approaching, i decided to do something a lil' special to continue to help with this ah!mazing cause :
***however, if you would like to connect to the gallery immediately, simply CLICK HERE!***

below is the first part of some of my TOP fave photographs that have been added into the gallery! all imagery was captured from my recent travels to Italy for an up & coming awesome new company, Ciao Andiamo scheduled to launch this summer.

this is the very first image i took as we began our travels, taken in the Milan train station. it is always amazing to me how even the train stations in Italy have a certain magical aura to them, despite their constant hustle & bustle :
there is a playful joy that encompasses all of Italy. this moment is just a sliver of it :
i adore this image. the pink-dipped girl on rollerblades & her pet pigeon were just a beautiful added bonus :
um, yes please :
taken from our Fiat as we made an abrupt left turn. i. love. everythingaboutthisimage :
hello Tuscany :
this image has an odd depth of field & perspective. makes me tilt my head & smile :
a typical morning in Venice :
late night in Siena, we came across this amazing restaurant...
i would like to know the individual who lives here :
i'll take the one on the right , thank you :
you can rent this place. oh, yes. you can :
it would be nice to wake up here one lovely spring morning :
we stumbled across a truly talented & ah!mazing artist, Carlotta Parisi (more on her in a future post!) :
at peace :
inside Sant'Antimo Church :
only in Italy would you come across 3 horses and a donkey :
Jon Pollock, of Ciao Andiamo, & i traveling throughout Tuscany. we both have an immense passion & love for Italy,,, so needless to say, our perma-smiles were a constant :
warmth :
'imperfection perfection'
i *heart* Positano :
sunset on the Amalfi coast :
this image stops me every time. there is something so surreal about the entire moment. if i could 'stage' it i still wouldn't have been able to capture "it." reminds me how sometimes things that almost make no sense,,, make all the sense in the world :
lastly, one late night in Venice, we stumbled across this street. 'Calle Amor dei Amici', which means 'Love of Friends' Street. this was one of many moments where my heart screamed happy.
happy, happy "wednesday's whimsy" to YOU.

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