Wednesday's Whimsy :: Alignment

happy day, happy "wednesday's whimsy".

every year i find myself feeling like time is flying by even quicker than the last... do you ever feel that way?! and every year, i somehow forget exactly how crazy busy life & work get around this time of year for me. yes, tomorrow is Thanksgiving... however, in general i have been feeling particularly grateful & blessed. i feel thankFULL for my clients who have become my friends, and for their patience as i put my heart into their images during this busy time. i am thankFULL for my friends, love, pets & family who support, inspire & encourage me daily. i am thankful for knowing the abundance of what i have in the little that i need to live a truly happy life. i am thankful for our beautiful Universe, clarity, opening my heart more fully than i knew possible & second chances at a fresh new start. the beauty in all this is that this is just the beginning of my long list of gratitude.

clearly, i have had a lot on my mind lately, however also a lot on my plate. i hope to be able to better describe all my thoughts in future posts, but for now i just wanted to take a moment to say 'thank you'. thank you for taking the time to visit my lil' blog, view my work & share in on someone's life, read my heartfelt thoughts, comment here or there and make me smile. most importantly, thank you for sharing the love -- for voicing your opinion & thoughts. for not caring what anyone else thinks & listening to your heart. truly, nothing else matters.

i was emailed a very cool quote today by a friend i wanted to share :

"What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal." -Albert Pine

here's to another fabulous week, month, year... in which we remember to not be selfish, do for others as we would for ourselves, but also not lose ourselves in it all. we must remember to find the balance so that all aspects of our lives & the people we touch are aligned.

...and as promised from last week's post, below are the next five images & their descriptions from the first ever ksp art show benefiting ADOPT MORE!
and just a little reminder, for those of you who had hoped to make it to the show but couldn't, or those who came & weren't able to view the entire collection due to the crowd, i have placed all 20 photographs, plus a few extras! on my online gallery!!!

on top of that...

you still have until December 1st where 50% of any fine art print or canvas purchased will go to ADOPT MORE!
just ***CLICK HERE*** to view the gallery!

Vintner's Cellar would also love to extend the offer of donating 10% to ADOPT MORE of any wine bottle purchases through December 1st!
be sure to mention that you were at the event upon purchasing your wine.
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