Wednesday's Whimsy : Thank You!

somehow it is already Wednesday & i am still completely blown away by the incredible turnout at the first ever ksp art show benefiting ADOPT MORE. i am beyond thankFULL to everyone who came and/or supported this important cause -- it is because of YOU & the ah!mazing volunteers, the art show benefit was a HUGE success. thank you!!!

i really wanted meet everyone that came on Friday, however due to the overwhelming response, i apologize if i didn't get to personally shake your hand, or give you a big hug! i hope to have another opportunity to do so & verbally express my appreciation. truly, thank you from the bottom of my heart! there was so much love in the room that evening, my heart couldn't help but smile. thank you for that, too. thank you for reminding me the beauty in the power of our voices, our actions & in actually showing up to make a difference.

Vintner's Cellar also wanted to thank everyone for coming out & visiting their location. please know that due to the terrific response, they had quite a packed house, leaving not much room to move around. however, under normal circumstances Vintner's Cellar is a very inviting & relaxing atmosphere. they would love for everyone to stop by again when they are in the area. be sure to visit their website at & join the email list to be notified of new wines, events, etc., as well!

with all that said,,, for those of you who had hoped to make it to the show but couldn't, or those who came & weren't able to view the entire collection due to the crowd, i have placed all 20 photographs, plus a few extras! on my online gallery!!!

on top of that...

starting today until December 1st 50% of any fine art print or canvas purchased will go to ADOPT MORE!
just ***CLICK HERE*** to view the gallery!

Vintner's Cellar would also love to extend the offer of donating 10% to ADOPT MORE of any wine bottle purchases through December 1st!
be sure to mention that you were at the event upon purchasing your wine.

below is the front page of the itinerary from Friday evening, along with the first 5 prints & their descriptions for those of you who had to miss the show. every week i will be posting another 5 prints with their descriptions, as well... stay tuned!

***be sure to check out the slide show at the end of this post for a fun recap of images captured that evening, as well!
a huuuuuuge BIG thank you to Jaime (who happens to be the newest addition to the ksp team! more on that to come soon!) for taking some uber awesome pics that evening. here are a few i picked out to edit for the slideshow that i thought were super fun. thanks again Jaime -- you ROCK!

hope you are having a most lovely, happy "wednesday's whimsy"...

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