Awakened : Self Portrait March

i am still waking up
to the reality of being back home after my incredible journey throughout Kenya for No Child.
although technically i probably have some jet lag, as well,
this is not what i am talking about.

this is different.

it is hard to put into words other than it feels completely surreal to be home. i remember feeling similarly when i returned from Ethiopia...but this is still much different. i know i need time to process it all &, unlike my travels to Ethiopia, i feel SO ready & eager to begin to do so.

but before i even begin,,, i felt called today to share my march self portrait... & yes, i am aware that it is technically April (that self portrait will come) but i was in Africa in March with no internet service, so March it will be!

near the end of our trip, we were asked
'if you only had one minute to explain our trip to someone, what would you say?'

& i immediately wrote down,

"Incredible. Life changing. Awakened.
...there is no way to describe it in just one minute."

however, if i have to begin it one minute at a time, then that is what it will have to be.

without further ado,
my march self portrait :
'awakened' the silly faces, giggles, laughter, energy & most of all
by the LOVE of these absolutely beautyFULL Pokot faces.
although i am still not 'officially back' to work until Monday, April 8th,
in order to hopefully give me some time to transition back into the groove of things,
i had to share a snippet of what my heart is feeling today.

i hope it made you smile.
i cannot wait to share more images & stories... i hope they warm your heart as they have mine.

with love, grace & gratitude,


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