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Megan & Ryan had a most awesomriffic wedding at the beginning of June in the gorgeous Seward, Alaska at the Seward Windsong Lodge! it was a true Alaskan day; crisp, a bit rainy & just a tad cold out... however, this did not stop them nor their bridal party & families from having a blast. they were all such troopers!!! it was the perfect day full of adventure, happiness & love.... i feel so lucky & honored to have been a part of it all. their love is undeniable, real & wonderful -- they compliment each other in the most sweetest of ways!

to see even more images from their wedding day, just click on the slideshow at the end of this post!

Megan & Ryan! thank you for the amazing time in Alaska... i will never ever forget my experience there with you, your friends & family -- everyone was so warm & welcoming. i am also very happy to have been able to get to know you both even better -- thank YOU for being yourselves in front of my camera & allowing me to document the incredible love that you have for one another. i will always cherish the memories & smile so BIG when i look at your photographs... too many great moments, such an awesome time. i wish you both a lifetime of smiles, laughter & love. and now... the moment you have been waiting for, a huge blog post of your wedding day! yay! enjoy.

did i say that Megan & Ryan are incredibly cute around each other, as well?! below is a photo of a locket that was given to Megan on the day Ryan proposed. Ryan planned it far in advance & had it made by Megan's 'unofficial' Aunt Colleen --- isn't he the sweetest?!
on the day of the wedding, Ryan surprised Megan with an absolutely amazing arrangement of flowers in a vase that she had been eyeing for quite some time now & two tokens that are to be made into necklaces...
soooooooooooooo special!! needless to say, Megan was really happy!
the beautiful Megan whom i also had the honor of doing her make-up look for the BIG day :
Megan made sure to have many personal touches to the wedding day... all down to the shoes which are very 'Megan'!
um, yeah. can we say beautyFULL one more time please?!!! seriously, her eyes are out of control!
the backdrop we had to work with was not so bad either :
meanwhile, Ryan is putting on the final touches!
& looking quite handsome himself!!!
he has a great spirit about him :
ready for their 'first sight' before the ceremony :
i this moment... Ryan & Megan about to see each other for the first time that day :
could they be any more excited!?
so in love...
nature seems to compliment them
it was very important to Megan to have a photo with both families in it :
...and if you ask me, these two have a future ahead of them that will be a whole LOT of fun!
i just adore this image of Megan with her parents :
the gents!
the bridal party! we walked out for this shot & believe it or not, it was raining during it (hence the umbrellas)... when all of a sudden a huge gust of wind swept by & this is what happened :
the ladies!
Megan's veil came out so i stopped to help her.... meanwhile, Ryan grabs my other camera & takes this shot! can we say a photog in the making?!! i love it because #1 - he took it, #2 - it truly documents another aspect of the day, & #3 -Megan is still smiling even though i know she was a bit freezing at this point!
Em, Megan's sister & Matron of Honor happens to be one of my best friends & also a rockin photog herself! isn't she just the cutest?! on the right is the trolley that they rented for us to go around & take pictures with -- just too cool :
Megan & her Dad walking her down the 'aisle' --- their expression says it all :
giving her away...
yes,,, this is where the got married...
sealed with a big ol' smmmmmmooch!
the new mr. & mrs.!
there is just something about this image that is so dreamy wonderfull :
megan+ryan+throw in alaska = pure awesomeness
the gang!
some cool details :
Megan's mother made this for them... she is so talented!
her Dad gave such a great toast :
on top of everything that day... a mom grizzly bear & her cub decided to come join in on the fun! if you look closely, they are in the far left background...
a little closer :
& even closer! Ryan is a great outdoorsmen & hunter, so needless to say, he was very happy about this!
just a-m-a-z-i-n-g... they also say that grizzly bear is rare to be seen in Alaska, which i just think is so neat that they were there for their wedding day!
their band was brilliant! please meet, the Power of Ten Band :
their first dance as husband & wife :
father/daughter :
Megan's Mom with a good friend... i love this moment :
Em & her hubby Will dancing up a storm!
since it doesn't really get dark in Alaska during the summer, we decided to venture out later that night for some more fun newlywed shots. i particularly LOVE this image below because throughout that entire day i noticed that whenever Megan & Ryan walked hand in hand, they always walked with the same foot first :
sorry, i couldn't resist having a little bit of fun here !
their body language just screams 'i love being close to you!' :
this is one of my top favorites from the day :
one gorgeous couple :
i love, love this series below, too :
we even stumbled across some of the bear tracks before we headed back!
Ryan with the two Mrs. Schmidt's in his life! his mother & his wife , Megan :
Ryan & his niece Daryian breaking it down on the dance floor :
... a good time was definitely had by all!
**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. happy day to you! ****
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