What Dreams May Come

Oct 3, 2012 Portrait, Simple Session, News
hello there friends

there is S O O O much that i have/need/WANT to share,,, but of course, i am just one person, so all with due time (BEYOND grateful for your patience)!

for now, just a little announcement that we will NO LONGER BE OFFERING OUR KSP SIMPLE SESSIONS.

it has been a S U P E R fun year of them but now it is time for a little change. our full portrait sessions are still available - simply email Angela for more information!

& lastly, i leave you with a little something i read recently :

You're not supposed to be able to see it with your eyes first. It wouldn't be called "manifesting" if you could.
See it with your mind first.
That's what it's there for, sort of -
The Universe
...as always, my mind is FULL of the most vivid of pictures/thoughts/ideas....

excited for what dreams may come of it all.
with love & gratitude,

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