The Heart Of The Home

Nov 19, 2010 Angela

have you ever wondered what truly makes a house feel like.... a home?

well i have

is it the fresh paint & decor?
your pictures on the walls?
the smell of yummy home cooked food?
the daily chaos of life being lived to the fullest?
i used to work 60+ hours a week, spending endless time on the blackberry, traveling often, & home very little.

then i became a mama
this was equally the most amazing & most overwhelming time in my life!

one day i realized i could no longer do it all.
i had to know my little man more than i did.
i needed to consistently be the greatest influence in his world. i resigned from my career & started a new one.
and here is where i began the hardest, most rewarding career i have ever known,

being a Mother.

and once i was able to truly be "in it"...

i think i may have realized what it is
that made my house...

a home.
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