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Sep 6, 2026 Angela
what up!!! my name is Angela.

i am the office assistant for .ksp. & sometimes i get the joy of assisting at shoots. additionally, i am a makeup artist and love to get the opportunity to work with ksp in that capacity too. to be with such a team of talent and inspiration, reflecting style and heart with everything we do, is such an honor.
...and to share with you some of me, here are a few things that i LOVE:

people, my babies, family, animals of all shapes & sizes, music, decorating, shopping, pedis, a great haircut, sunshine, a breeze, movies, concerts, chocolate covered potato chips, the beach, water, to have fun, to laugh so hard my cheeks hurt from smiling, true friendship and being part of the team that is ksp!!!!!

i truly feel so lucky and excited to be part of .ksp. because ksenija is such an incredible person, i know this will be an incredible journey! her passion, soul, spirit, & style are truly contagious.

about my makeup style!

i believe that makeup should bring the inner beauty to the surface. to enhance our given features and add some spark!! in doing this, i hope to help women feel more beautiful, feminine, confident and proud. it is such a personal thing, it is important to me that each person feels connected to the experience and trusts me for guidance. and most importantly -- has fun!

Looking for more info about make-up services?!
Feel free to EMAIL ME HERE.

click on any of the names below if you would like to check out some of my make-up work!

Nicole {wedding}
Jess {wedding}
Ksen {headshots}
Amy {headshots}
Katie {wedding}
Amanda {wedding}
Erica {wedding}
Stewart {promo/cd cover}
Danielle {wedding}
Danielle {boudoir}
E'Lisa {portrait}
Jaime {portrait}
Allison {wedding}
Allison { published in the Knot }
Sarah {wedding}
Julie {wedding}
Sarah {engagement}
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