Ksp Print Giveaway : Winner!

Aug 5, 2011 News, Dream Big Project
first, i want to thank you all for participating in the first ever :
i cannot tell you all HOW MUCH i loved, loved, L O V E D reading all your beautiful comments & what makes you smile.
it was like an instant smile medicine for the soul. thank YOU!
you made the passion.life.love print giveaway truly delightful.

so then i was trying to figure out how to randomly draw up a name for the contest winner???!
i decided to ask my sweeeeeet cat Beebs for some suggestions.
she then told me that if i nuzzled into her very tightly, squeezed her slightly & then rubbed her belly, she would purr out randomly the contest winner!
I COULDN'T BELIEVE MY EYES... all this time & i didn't know that i had a magical cat!!!
well,,, that clearly didn't work { i can be so gullable! }
so i instead used this nifty random name selector
.... and VWAAALLAA :
Caitlyn! C O N G R A T S ! you are the winner of
an 8x10 KSP fine art print
of either one of the images this post,,,
or one of the images from my fine art life prints gallery!

aaaaaaand for those of you who so graciously shared what made you smile,
please know that there will be MORE of these passion.life.love print giveaways on this blog soon! just keep an eye out & leave a comment to try again!

congrats again Caitlyn! expect an email from us soon!

happy friday!
with great heart & gratitude always,

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