Change : March Self Portrait

there was a time in my life where i was mildly obsessed with the color orange. & not just any color orange, but the bright super vibrant ORANGE that, to me, screamed 'happy' . i had numerous items that were orange,,, i even had a friend in college sew pants for me out of a hunter's orange fleece material that yes, i actually wore. being an artist, i have had many a share of days where i vividly expressed myself not only through my art, but also through my style.

recently, i have been thinking a lot about 'change'... how good it is for us & yet how reluctantly we go towards it. we know we 'should,' & yet the super predictable ever-so-lovable 'comfort' always whispers our name, coaxing us backwards, telling us to figure it out 'tomorrow'...

when it came to my self portrait for March, the idea came to me just as easily as January's & February's...

i felt guided to sit in this one particular spot in the studio room. i then took a moment to just focus on the now... appreciate all the change that is to come, but for that moment breathe deep & just value the now. then i set up my tripod & snapped a few away.

it wasn't until i later looked through the images & couldn't help but notice all the vibrant orange that surrounded me. i even happened to be wearing orange that day! (note : outfits for all self portraits have not been planned)... how could this be? i mean, i like orange & all, but i thought i had moved far past those orange obsessed days?!!!

& then it hit me,

just as with any change, you cannot escape the core of

the root of who you are & allllll your life stories will forever be with you,

they are all vital ingredients to this brilliantly colorFULL cake called LIFE.
so what are we waiting for?
what is holding us back from making the changes needed in our lives to not only better our own,
but in turn better everyone's around us?
with that said, introducing march's self portrait.
i call it :

the new orange '
in yoga the other day Michael Jackson's 'man in the mirror' came on & in the midst of trying to de-clutter my mind, down dogs & up dogs these words,
same words i have heard a million times over, seemed to take over the room :

if you wanna make the world a better place
take a look at yourself and
then make that . . .

what more needs to be said?!

with great gratitude & heart,


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