Wednesday's Whimsy // Rainy Day

it is a rainy day here in Michigan,,, the kind that smells & sounds like spring so much so that you would never believe it is actually February. if you grew up in Michigan as i did, i think it is safe to say that we are all pretty much accustomed to hearing complaints about 'Michigan weather' as often as we hear 'hello's' & 'how are you's'...

although this has been the longest, snowiest winter i can remember, i have to say that there is something to be said about how these ups & downs in weather tend to really make you value the ups in a whole different light.

ironic how weather can mimic life, no?

so on this rainy day after almost a full week of sunshine, i am trying to soak it all in, breathe deep breaths & even stomp my feet in a few puddles. this morning i let the rain tickle my nose & felt a smile naturally plant itself across my face. it felt goood....

i hope this finds you relaxed & if you are not a 'rainy day' type of person, maybe staying in & at least enjoying the music that drips around us on this warm, 'spring-like' rainy day.

below is Marisa & Jonah's 12x12 album i received recently. before i gave it to them, i asked if they wouldn't mind me taking a couple of photos to put on the blog. i wanted to show it off because i thought it was uber cool of them to have chose the great 'solar yellow' cover for both their main album & parent albums. talk about fashion forward, yet still classic & cool. plus, the yellow went great with their wedding theme & color. i just LOVE, love it & thought it was a perfect amount of happy & bright to add to this grey Wednesday.
and how cute is the matching parent album???!
a most happy "wednesday's whimsy" to you.
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