The Reality Of Hope

as many of you know or may remember,
last year i ran the Detroit Half Marathon with Hope Water Project.

because of YOUR support, you helped me raise over $1000 (thank you again!!!)
AND as a group we reached our enormous goal of over $1,000,000... $1,011,629 to be exact.

this past weekend at Kensington they shared this truly INCREDIBLE video showing how the money
we raised is literally changing & bettering lives forever.

as you know the Pokot are embedded into my heart in a very special way...

however, whether you are curious or just want to be inspired,
i highly encourage you to take a few moments to check this video out!
this video reminds me how truly anything is possible...
especially when we all unite & serve for the betterment of others.

with love, HOPE & gratitude,

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