Sklyar's Bat Mitzvah

Apr 5, 2016 Events
Happy Tuesday!
You may remember the beautiful Skylar from a few other posts on this blog. Recently I had the pleasure of capturing an incredibly important milestone in her life -- her Bat Mitzvah!

Below are some of my top favorites, however be sure to check out the slideshow with M A N Y more images at the end of this post, as well! it was two nights of fun FUN fun so prepare yourself for A LOT smiles.

Liz, J.J., Ruby, Lacey, Skylar, & Nathan! I ADORE you all. SO MUCH. Thank you for always being so welcoming & loving.
Skylar... I remember when I first captured you (& your family) 8 years ago -- your sweet demeanor & zest for life have only grown in the most radiant of ways since then! It has been incredible to watch & I am honored to have been able to document your Bat Mitzvah. I am SO proud of you!!! As always, I hope the images make you smile BIG. with love & gratitude, always, ksen

the first night of celebration began at Temple Beth El :
the absolutely stunning, Skylar
seriously. SUCH A BEAUTY!
a top FAVE portrait - hands down
... this one too. She has the BEST smile!
some Mama & Dad love
the gorgeous family!
L O V E.
on top of being beautiful, smart & sweet...
Skylar also has such an eye for fashion!
the celebration continued the next evening at the Franklin Hills Country Club!
as always, the decor was top notch... not a detail was missed!
the beauty herself!
so PRETTY!!!!
her hair was beyond amazing
yet another TOP favorite portrait...
she exudes a timelessness to her, with a creative modern twist! love.
both Ruby....
and Lacey also had incredible looks that,
of course, had to be documented, too!
nothing but smiles & a WHOLE lot of love!
these 3 sisters are so bonded it makes my heart swell every time i am around them.
the lighting of the candles!
aaand time to DANCE!!
of course, the amazing Star Trax ROCKED the house!
...and we will end on this "sweet" note!
Mazel Tov Skylar!!!
May your journey continue to be FULL in only the brightest, happiest & sweetest of ways.

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