Hannah's Bat Mitzvah

Feb 23, 2009 Events
i had an absolutely BLAST at Hannah's Bat Mitzvah earlier in November! i have been so excited to finally post up these images because they truly depict the great love, joy, laughter & excitement that was surrounding Hannah and her family during this special time in her life.

as you will see from the images below, Hannah is undoubtedly a beautiful girl. however, after getting to know her better around her Bat Mitzvah, i got to know the incredibly beautiful soul Hannah is on the inside as well. she has a spirit that shines through her smile, she is compassionate & kind, as well as very funny. Hannah & her entire family were a great pleasure to work with.... as it was reliving that time through the all the moments captured! i also have to give a huge high five to the awesome & lively talent of Startrax, who kept the dance floor alive & everyone smiling BIG.

another important detail that i have to mention is that Hannah's party was all done with a 'pajama theme' in mind.... so everyone, including myself, wore pajamas! talk about SO. MUCH. FUN!

below is a sneak peek of some of my top favorite images from a day before her Bat Mitzvah & her actual party! however, please don't forget to check out her awesome slideshow posted at the end of this post if you would like to see even more of the fun! i used a very cool song created just for Hannah by Dj George Jones from Startrax.

Hannah, Karen, Seth, Ben and family, thank you again for the honor of allowing me to document such an important time. it has been an unforgettable process that i have enjoyed every step of the way! i hope you enjoy the photographs below & that they put a huge smile on your face as they have mine.
the gorgeous Hannah :
loooved the brilliant natural colors that surrounded us that evening :
are her eyes amazing or what?!!!
we can't forget about her brother Ben!!
i *heart* the spirit & mood in this image :
a definite top fave :
Hannah surrounded by her wonderful family :
another top fave :
let's get this party started!
tons of awesome details :
i thought the 'dream big with hannah' was so positive, inspirational & fun!
three words about these : love.love.love!
the lighting in the room was just phenomenal :
i adore this moment :
talk about way cool :
Ben knew how to sport the shades :
oh yeah....!
of course, we can't forget about a few of the details from later in the evening! the logo with the moon & stars was just PERFECT!
**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view her slideshow & see more photographs. also, please note that the song chosen is a super cool song made especially for Hannah by the great talent of DJ George Jones from Startrax! hope you enjoy! ****
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