Care Cards // Holiday Pack

this year my heart & understanding of gratitude grew to a level i never knew existed...
& a HUGE part of that is due to
CARE CARDS : cards that give back!

we are nearing a full year of their launch (can you even believe it?!)
& i recently felt called to create another set of CARE CARDS,,,

>> the 'holiday' pack. <<

i was thinking since it's the season of giving,
why not GIVE EVEN MORE?!
with that said,
announcing the CARD CARD holiday special!
that's right!
'just be' pack
'live fully' pack
'so thankful' pack
or the new
'holiday' pack

& for a limited time receive
>>TWO additional holiday cards, along with FREE shipping! <<

the new 'holiday' pack includes 3 'peace & LOVE' CARE CARDS
along with the signature BONUS 'so THANKFUL' CARE CARD!
i have said this before, but i will say it again --
THANK YOU for your continued support!!!
it has been a tremendous blessing to write birthday cards to the foster children at
The Children's Center,
& has been SO well received.
with every pack purchased,
i hope you realize what a difference you are making in their lives & hearts.

hope you are enjoying the holidays so far!
& remember...
i CARE, & so do you.
together we really can make a difference.


>> purchase your CARE CARD pack at WWW.PASSIONLIFELOVE.COM today! <<
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