My Why

Jul 14, 2021 Wellness, Faith, Motherhood, Personal
This right here is my "why" encapsulated in a windblown, spur of the moment photograph. I would do absolutely anything for these precious people of mine. They are my drive, my passion, my reason, my universe. They are the ones that inspire, encourage & teach my soul. I not only want them to get the most out of life, but I also want them to get the best version of me.
But the truth is, as much as they are my world, these past couple of days, they have also been driving me a bit nuts (the kids, that is )— which is just life, right?! It hit me though, that my higher irritation with them actually begins with my lack of time for taking care of me. EVEN with getting up early to get my me-time & workouts in, eating clean, doing the sauna, etc. -- if I’m honest, these are only droplets in the bucket that so desperately needs to be filled with more dedicated self care time.

As a mom, wife, entrepreneur— HUMAN BEING, it's super easy to get stretched thin. #amIrightoramIright Ironically, it’s also easy to feel (unnecessary) shame for wanting or needing more time for yourself.

If we really break it down, though, true health & wellness begins within. If I don't take the necessary time to take care of my mind, body & spirit, then I will never be able to fully give my best self to them.

I don't have an easy answer nor some perfect equation as to how to create more time, as we all know that most days feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day — BUT I do know that when you know your “why”, it’s much easier to pause & acknowledge when you are out of balance, then shift where you need to... and that's half the battle.

Making yourself a priority IS a priority. Don't let the world tell you else wise. YOU matter. You are (most definitely) worth it. And no matter who you are, nor what season this finds you in life, I want to remind you that there is ALWAYS someone rooting for you... so don’t forget to root for yourself, too.

Personally, I'm reminding myself to be wise where I direct my energy & how I use my time. Going to spend a lot more time watering “the flowers” of my life, not the weeds. Who’s with me?!
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