Amy & Nick

May 29, 2018 Portrait
Amy & Nick are celebrating their 17th anniversary this month & haven't had professional pictures taken together since their wedding day! So, it was definitely due time ... & it wouldn't be complete without including their fur-babies, their 5 incredible dogs : Willow, River, Envy, Booker & Zip!

I always enjoy hanging out with this crew. Amy & Nick have a super special connection that is truly admirable, especially after all these years.

You may also recognize Amy from this previous post.... and I can't not mention that Amy & Nick are also the owners of the AWESOME Sit Means Sit (whom we used for both of our pups & recommend to everyone ). They are truly THE BEST!

Amy, Nick, Willow, River, Envy, Booker & Zip,,, thanks for rocking it out with me & for, as always, be so real & refreshing.
HAPPIEST ANNIVERSARY!!! Wishing you an eternity of laughter, love, happiness & adventure.
With love & gratitude, Ksen


Oh, sweet Willow... how we love you!
Did someone say "Squirrel" ?
Everyone's "paws"
Happiness is... sharing laughter with your love.
"A great place to be"
Amy & Nick,,,
never, ever lose that grip on each other!

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