Laura & Jon

in March i had the great pleasure of photographing Laura & Jon's engagement session in the Upper Peninsula. Jon's parents have a place up near Sault Sainte Marie,,, so we began the esession there and then moved onward to the ever-so awesome Tahquamenon Falls!

i absolutely LOVE that Laura & Jon thought a bit outside of the box when it came to their engagement photos & what they felt was 'them'. they are getting married in August,,, so i also LOVE the juxtapose of the different climates/environments. our time up north was truly an experience i will never forget & would love to experience all over again!

below is a big sneak peek of some top favorites, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post if you would like to see even more images!

Laura, Jon, Chris, Bill, Ava & Brutus! i just adore you all SO, so, SO much. to say that this experience was a blast, would be an understatement. thank you again for inviting us into your home in the U.P., for your incredible generosity & hospitality and for all the most Ah!ESOME stories shared. when i think about the entire trip, i cannot help but to smile a huuuuuge BIG smile. i loved getting to know you guys even better & am beyond excited for all the fun we will have on your wedding day! i hope you enjoy the pics!! ps. Jones told me to tell Ava & Brutus 'woof! i miss you! woof!' & that he would like a play date soon.

first up, Jon, Laura & their precious Chi wau wau Ava :
by the looks of Ava's face,,, i have a feeling these two spoil her a just a bit. with a face as cute as that though, how can you not?!
such a beautiful family :
love everything about this image. the moment. the body language. the look on Ava's face! love, love, love!
seriously,,, don't you just want to squeeeeeeze her?!
we also musn't forget Brutus, their gorgeous 170 lbs Great Dane!!
he, too, has a TON of great character :
...and the cutest face ever! ...tied with Ava, of course :
a 'ksp' style good ol' 'up north' family photo :
i also had the pleasure of doing Laura's make-up trial for the engagement session that morning. i cannot wait to recreate it on the big day!
i *heart* this image & moment so...
the trees at Tahquamenon had a whimsical, sparkling presence that day :
the movement, the moment, the overall feeling,,, a definite top favorite from the day :
another top fave... walking down to the falls! :
love is :
Laura & Jon both have such amazing smiles & laughs -- i can almost hear her laughter just by looking at this image :
the falls, one word -- INCREDIBLE :
the ring (Jon did a mighty good job!!) :
one of the things i love most about Laura & Jon is their ability to be playful around each other. they have A LOT of fun together which is amazing & super fun to capture :
remember what i said about playfulness?! exhibit example # 2 :
all you need is love :
i *heart* this image SO! :
as we were walking back, i couldn't resist taking a picture by the trash can. yes a bit odd, you may think... however, notice how much snow was on the ground in comparison to their height with the trash can?!!! out-of-control!
once back at the Tahquamenon Falls brewery & restaurant area, we got a little relaxed for a bit :
are they a beautyFULL couple or what?!!!
once inside, we warmed up. i admire how Laura & Jon are able to make what seems to be even the smallest moments fun & lively :
...and lastly, i think nothing sums up a great day more than the awesome smiles on their faces below :
**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. enjoy!
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