Ground Yourself

Don’t cry over spilt... coffee?! Well, on this day I certainly wanted to. This pic was taken on my Mom’s birthday. I was trying to do ‘all the things’ to make her feel loved & special, including picking up a hot cappuccino from our favorite Svenska Cafe... only to drop & spill the ENTIRE thing upon getting out of my car at her house. It was just the “cherry on the cake” of a morning that seemed to be doing everything it could to fight against me.

There are some days that just seem to go backwards no matter what, now aren’t there? It’s so easy to look back & tell myself, “You’re just having one of those days” but when you’re IN the moment(s), all you see is what feels like a never ending spiral of ‘doom.’ It’s REALLY easy to get pulled in & want to just drown in it all.

If you’re having a day (or week or month) like that, I hear you & I see you! I wanted to share some of my re-grounding self care go-to’s. You can do one (or all 3) to help get yourself centered again :

1 ) Get outside & move! Go for a walk around your block while listening to an inspiring podcast or talking with a friend that you know will be a great listening ear. Movement plus fresh air do wonders for the soul.

2 ) Find a comfy spot in your home & just, write. Anything & everything. Let it all flow out of you & onto the paper in front of you. Release your worries & CLAIM your wants!

3 ) Fill up that tub & take a warm epsom salt bath. If you have lavender essential oil, throw a couple drops in there, too. Dim the lights, close your eyes & just, be (for at least 20 minutes).

There are many things we can do to help ground ourselves when we are feeling ‘off’ — these are the ones I tend to turn to most.
What are some of your go-to’s? I’d love to hear!
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