Acupressure Mat

Alrighty friends! New year, new start to a decade & I'm definitely feeling the shift. As I have mentioned before, I have had a fire ignited within me ever since everything that transpired with my father getting sick & passing last year. I know now more than ever that I have been given this passion for health & wellness with great purpose... and I want to share my heart & knowledge with you all in case it helps out, even a little. The only way to implement change is to begin somewhere, bit by bit.

So from today forward, I am going to start sharing 'all the things' -- even the ones that I've been hesitant to share in the past because they might seem a little "weird" or different. Truth is, I'm a bit weird & different, and that's OKAY. Maybe you are, too. Or maybe you're not, but you ARE wanting to better your life & overall well being. Either way, I'm here, just your average Mama, ready to help you with a healthy balance of it all. As I always say, "everything in moderation."

So first up, I thought I'd share with you about a little something that helps with natural healing from the inside out -- an Acupressure Mat!
This is such a simple & efficient way to add some overall wellness to your life. It literally melts away pain, tension & stress!
As in their words, "made with over 7000 ergonomically engineered spikes that activate your body’s innate healing response & unblock stagnant energy pathways." Awesome, right? I personally love to fall asleep on mine! However, you can incorporate it into your day to help you experience less anxiety & stress in a matter of minutes.
An acupressure mat is also known to help with upper & lower back pain, neck tension, headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia, etc. Another bonus is that it boosts mood & helps promote weight loss by providing gentle pressure which helps to rid the body of toxins, rejuvenate your skin’s elasticity & youthfulness.
The one pictured that I personally own is an Ajna Acupressure Mat & Pillow Set. It is eco-friendly made with non harmful materials. #winwin
I put a link to it in my Amazon store.
So now tell me -- anyone else own & love an acupressure mat?!
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