Baby Must Haves!

Alrighty friends. I have been wanting to write this post literally since our son was born... almost 4 years now! It only took me 2 babies later, but I guess that's the reality of having a BABY, right?!

So why do it now? Because these are some of the not-so-big items (unlike the essentials of a crib, carseat, pack'n'play or a mamaRoo), that helped me out BEYOND WORDS with both of my babes. If they can help you out even just a little, or lessen the overwhelming feeling of where to begin with your baby gift registry, then I want you to know about them!

As any parent knows, having a baby is a complete game changer. First & foremost, it is quite literally the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU. It is also the HARDEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU (in the best possible way, of course ). These items below were lifesavers -- especially during those first 6 or so months of adjustment (which I personally think are the hardest).

So take what you want from this! They worked super well for me for both kiddo's but they may not be your style... and that's OKAY! The number one thing in this parenting thing is that we all have to do what is best for us. If these items help you out, then YAY! I'm so happy to hear it, and that's exactly why I am sharing today.

Without further ado, let's begin with one of my most favorite items,
the WubbaNub!
When our son was just a day or so old & I couldn't get him to settle well, one of my best friends (who happens to have 5 incredible kids & 2 sets were TWINS) told me to give him his Wubbanub AND that it's not "nipple confusion", it's "nipple ADAPTATION". Now, I know there are many that may not agree with this notion at all, but for me, it was one of the BEST pieces of ADVICE, hands down. The more things I gave them to suck on -- aka the wubbanub, the bottle, the breast -- the better. They just took to them ALL, right off the bat. The reason why I absolutely LOVE the WubbaNub is because the little toy attachment to it helps act almost as a light 'weight' in a way, so it helps rest on the baby's chest & helps keep the paci actually IN their mouth. As any new parent knows, putting that paci back into your baby's mouth 1,000 times a day is a real thing, lol. The toy attachment also helps them develop fine motor skills as they grow older, too. So yeah, WubbaNub's are a Godsend & probably one of my most favorite things to give to a new parent.
The Como Tomo Baby Bottle!
This bottle, made of medical-grade silicone, is considered one of the safest bottles for your baby --FREE of bpa, pvc, latex & phthalates. It was also created to help mimic the breast. Going back to what I said above, because we personally believe in the "nipple adaptation" (not confusion), we gave this to our daughter right off the bat (& I was nursing her, FYI). This allowed my husband to help with feedings which was ESSENTIAL to, well, my sanity!

*SIDENOTE : These were not available when we had our son! We used Dr. Brown's Baby Bottle with him (which we liked a lot... I just preferred these with baby #2 because of the reasons above).
The SwaddleMe Original Organic Swaddle!
Made with 100% organic cotton, the reasons why these swaddle blankets ROCK is because they actually stay swaddled (& easily, mind you) due to their secure velcro closures. For me, & both our babies, swaddling was a LIFE SAVER!
The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump!
YOU GUYS. This was another complete game changer for me with baby #2 (not sure if it existed with baby #1). When it came to breast feeding, I wasn't fortunate to be able to produce a ton of milk using the big, mechanical breast pump (neither did I enjoy any part of the actual process). I came across this after having our daughter & LET ME TELL YOU... it's absolutely incredible. I could nurse our daughter on one side & pump simultaneously on the other side. I produced more milk this way AND it didn't hurt ONE BIT. On top of all of this, it is super easy to pack & take with you anywhere. Honestly, just loved this Haakaa Breast Pump so much.
The Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump Flower Stopper was an added cute bonus that helped me feel like my milk was going to be okay if it happened to spill over on accident, too.
The Dohm Sound Machine!
We still use this to this day for our 15 month old. One of the best sound machines out there. Easy to take anywhere, simple to put in any place & simple to use, yet incredibly effective. We put it on any time she sleeps to create the calming, natural white noise, as well as to block out sound in order to not disturb her sleep. I love the dohm, so much.
The Burpy Bib!
These bibs are THE BEST. Not only to be used as a quick, easy over the shoulder burp cloth, but also because they can be clasped in the back & double as a bib. We used this for both kids & for so many stages. It also doesn't hurt that Aden & Anais always create things with such cute patterns, too.
The Natural Bath Sponge!
The softest, natural bath sponge EVER. Hypoallergenic, will not mold or mildew, & 100% biodegradable -- need I say more?!
The Fridababy NoseFrida!
The ultimate, snotsucker! If you don't have a baby (yet), then you probably are not thinking about needing to clear out their little noses when they get stuffed up. However, when you do need to (& trust me, you will at some point), the NoseFrida works wonders. I will say, though, that not all baby's necessarily enjoy getting snot sucked out of their nose (lol)... but this does so quickly & effectively. Plus, it is very easy to clean which is a bonus when you are dealing with boogies.
The book, On Becoming Baby Wise!
My best friend gave me this book & helped me understand the importance of keeping your baby on a schedule. Granted, this worked incredibly well for us with both of our children, however it may not be the ticket for you. For us keeping our kids on a schedule & understanding how the schedules need to be slightly adjusted every couple of months as the baby grows, helped us create a routine that both our babies thrived on.
So if this sounds like your cup of tea, too, I HIGHLY suggest this book. I honestly can't suggest it enough! Start reading it while pregnant to help gain a foundation if you can, too.
The Skip Hop Bath Thermometer OR the 4Moms Bath Thermometer!
Both of these work fantastic & help you feel like you are bathing your baby/toddler in perfect temperature water. It may seem a little silly, but we still use ours to this day for both kids. Honestly, super helpful... especially when you are exhausted. It keeps the guesswork out.
The Infant Optics Monitor!
Okay, after having tried out literally almost a dozen different monitors between our two babes (no joke, unfortunately), this one is truly the BEST yet. We have had it for over 15 months now & absolutely LOVE IT. Easy to use, 3.5 inch color LCD display in a sleek & it comes in a compact unit with sound-activated led display. It also has interchangeable optical lens capability which allows you to customize your viewing angle & zoom (a bonus for any size room, as well as when baby is bigger & moving around more). Since our daughter's room is smaller than our son's, I also purchased this Extra Wide Angle Lens so that I could get a wider angle view of her crib & room (which is probably the photo geek in me , but also the Mama-bear in me because it gives me peace of mind being able to view her fully).
*EXTRA BONUS --- this monitor is on a MEGA SALE right now, too! Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
Summer Diaper Bags OR Sassy Baby Diaper Bags!
We actually tend to purchase the Sassy Baby Diaper Bags more now (just because we go through so many of them), however having disposable diaper sacks on hand help you keep all of the dirty diaper & wipes in one sealed place, & lessen clutter wherever you go. They are essential.
And just a few more small items that you will most likely need along the journey of PARENTHOOD.
From left to right :
Pacifier Wipes
Baby Buddy Finger Toothbrush
Boogie Wipes
Wet Brush for Babies!
Hope this helps a bit!
Most of all, as you enter the life of parenthood, always remember & never forget :
“The journey matters as much as the destination.”
~Michelle Dockery

Be patient with yourself & give yourself boatloads of GRACE!!!
We are all in this together.

All my love friends,

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