Healthy Dessert Anyone?

May 6, 2020 Wellness, Recipes, Motherhood
Anyone else love making energy balls?!

I feel like since we have not been able to go places these days like the kids have been used to, they have been asking, "What's for dessert?" more lately than ever. #anyoneelse ? It's almost like it's been a bit of added excitement to their days.

My go-to for an easy, fun AND healthier 'dessert' option are energy balls. The kids absolutely LOVE to make them (especially the taste testing part & rolling them into balls #hellofinemotorskills ) & I love that it's really easy to change up the recipe by adding in things like cacao powder to make them even more chocolatey, or a scoop of Green Superfood and/or some Beet Powder for what they think is just "cool like a rainbow" but is also some added nutritional goodness. Best part? They will never know because these taste absolutely delicious!

If you're looking for a new fun recipe & want to make some energy balls, check out the recipe here.
Today's the perfect day to make some & enjoy them outside in that much needed sunshine!
So much love, friends.

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