Unwavering Trust

Aug 27, 2020 Faith, Motherhood
Somehow we officially have a kindergartner! It's been quite a busy day & I am just now sitting down able to properly reflect. There is truly NO easy decision for parents with children headed to school right now, so as I think about our son possibly reading this post one day, what I want him to know more than anything is best summed up in a text message I received from a dear friend & mentor of mine :

"Just wanted to share something God showed me as I was reading in His Word :

Grateful for faith in a God who is bigger than all of that is happening!

God wants me to keep reminding myself to “level up” (like in video games ) in trusting God.

Psalm 26:1. “I have trusted in the Lord WITHOUT wavering.”

My prayer is to keep moving from one level of trust to another ....and for you, too."

To our son : praying + trusting are two of the most powerful tools you possess -- they are always readily available, they have the ability to bring you & others the greatest of peace, and with them, you can only continue to grow to levels you didn't think were possible. During the most uncertain of times, you will be able to find comfort again and again in prayer & trust.

May you also ALWAYS lead with that gigantic heart of yours -- it will never lead you wrong.

& PS. You are not just our world, you are your sister's, too.

Can't wait to see you soar this year...
All our love, always & forever,

Mama & Dad
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