Danielle & Kyle

Jan 24, 2011 Destination, Wedding, Jaime
i will never forget the day that i found out Danielle was engaged. i had just returned from my travels to Italy for Ciao Andiamo & was out taking Jones for a walk in the rain. Danielle (or 'D' as i often call her ) was driving down the street towards my house when she spotted Jones & i on our stroll. as she pulled up and rolled down her window, we of course were excited to see each other & had tons to catch up on but it didn't take long to hear these words come out of her mouth, "while you were away, Kyle proposed!"

i remember as if it was yesterday just standing there in the rain completely at loss for words. i didn't know whether to cry, scream or shout out loud with excitement -- my heart felt as if it was going to burst happy all over the sidewalk. all of a sudden my mind was whisked with memories of so many of our countless conversations about relationships, love & the endless possibilities that lay ahead... our dreams, wishes & wants.

and now.

now, the next chapter in their future together was beginning. ...and i seriously couldn't be happier!!!

as we continued to chat, Danielle told me they had their hearts set on getting married at Chateau Chantal & had to set the date due to there being a limited amount of dates still available for 2010. as it turned out, i was already booked on her wedding day.

as sad as i was to not be able to actually see D get married, i feel so grateFULL to have been able to experience all the emotion & love through the images that KSP's ah!mazing associate Jaime captured, along with the awesome assistance of KSP's Angela. these two ladies ROCKED it, if i do say so myself!

below are some of the top faves from the day, along with a slide show with even more images at the end of the post!
i edited the images below, however because Jaime was actually there documenting the day, she commented on the individual images you see below. together we packed this post with a whooooooooooole LOT of L O V E !!! hope you enjoy.

Danielle & Kyle,,, your love is infectious & true. the way you both light up around each other as if it was the first time you laid eyes on each other is something like i have never seen. i feel so incredibly blessed to know you both & so lucky to have been able to be a part of 'capturing' your wedding day KSP style! thank you for all that you ARE. with SO much love & heart, always, ksen

& without further ado, danielle & kyle's wedding through Jaime's eyes!

the bling
everything about Kyle & Danielle's wedding day was touched with details, yet somehow D's effort gave it all a delicate taste of simplicity
love, love, love!
she was so calm,,,her heart KNEW this was the day she'd be truly complete
Danielle's sister-in-law, Jacquelyn, was the mastermind behind her brilliant wedding dress!!! a m a z i n g
Angela was the great talent behind Danielle's incredible make-up look! love!
from head to toe, an absolute beauty
Kyle's mother, Joan, hand-made all the most unique & tasty treats that were offered at the reception, it seemed as if absolutely EVERYTHING had a special meaning & was made with sooo much !
getting ready time!
she really is breathtaking, in every way
can we say STTTTTUNNING ???!
a. top. fave. hands. down.
an eager Kyle awaits his be a u t i f u l bride !
the men
Danielle's mother, Kathy, made the ring pillow, as well as the purses that the girls wore that day. talk about TALENTED!
the calmness in the air made it seem as if they were in their own cloud
proud moms
the flower girls were stunning as well...
their dresses also had the sweetest floral detail added with great love by D
e v e r y detail
this moment absolutely TAKES me, i was so lucky to not only photograph their big day, but i also got to BE there...
the kiss !
officially a mrs.
"love is true"
the whole gang !
Kyle & Danielle with her family
the newlyweds & his family
the newlyweds !!!
i LOVE this moment, their LOVE is so true, so exhilarating & passionate
just a taste of their fun side...
Kyle may think that Danielle's beauty "steals the picture",,, but i see his all over these images
absolutely gorgeous
sooo Danielle
another beautiful & thought-out, hand-made detail by Danielle
Danielle & her beautiful sister
i absolutely ADORE this moment & the way their mother is looking at them
their first dance as mr. & mrs. !
their kisses really take your heart
surrounded by L O V E
that look of complete adoration for Kyle NEVER leaves Danielle, she LOVES him with everything she's got
TOO precious!!!
im not going to lie: this was MY fortune & did it ever put the pressure ON
DJ George McDonald kept the celebration going all night long!
...& just a few romancy shots
natural love
b e a u t i F U L L
***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slide show & see more photographs from their wedding day.

...aaaaaand another huge THANK YOU to KSP's ah!mazing Jaime & Angela for capturing their wedding soooooo heartFULLy!!! love you guys!
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